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25 is Just a Number
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 3 Issue 3

I was watching TV a little bit a few nights ago. It was a show talking about the 70s era, the things that were popular at the time. I remember the 70s well, the clothes, the music, so I found the show very entertaining. My husband sat and watched, too.

When the show ended a video came on, music video, that is. I sat and watched it. The beat on it was, as they say in the venacular "funky"so I left the TV on and watched it.

After a few seconds or so, I got the beat in my feet. So I got up and started dancing. Now, granted, I wasn't making all of the fancy moves the girl on the video was, but I was holding my own. In the least, I figured the dancing would get my heart beating faster and provide at least a few minutes of exercise.

Well, there I was shaking and rocking and moving to the beat. Then, my husband comes in the room, looks at me for a moment and says, "You're dancing...you aren't 25 anymore."

My first reaction was like, "huh! who says I can't dance because I'm over 25." I know the girl in the video wasn't even 25 years old yet. I think she is barely out of her teens.

Do I have to be under 25 to still enjoy dancing? I have rhythm. I remember a few steps from the dance classes I took in high school. I can kick my leg above my head still and swing my arms around my sides and back.

I may not be as agile as the barely-out-of-her-teens singer and dancer on TV, but that is not going to stop me from dancing whenever I hear music and feel the beat. Why should I? My 70-something-year old father-in-law was seen dancing recently. If he hasn't lost the joy of rocking to the beat, why should I?

Maybe that's what we need a little more of in this world, more music and moving to the beat. You don't even have to have rhythm. In fact, if you don't have rhythm, you are more fun to watch. If you keep trying it may come you, rhythm, that is. Or even if it doesn't come, don't let it stop you from bobbing of your head and if you can swinging your hips. I know I'm not going to let anyone stop me from dancing, even though I passed 25 a long time ago.

Septemeber 26, 2003
Copyright 2003 Paula Lonergan.
All rights reserved.

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