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Paula Hines Lonergan, author of A Titan of a Man A Coach of the Famous '71 Titans Who Inspired Generation of Young People, recounts the true life story of her father, Paul "Doc" Hines, coach featured in the Disney movie "Remember the Titans." In Titan, she discusses the "if you don't mind, it don't matter" attitude, her father believed in and taught others. Learning from her father's example, she developed tenacity and determination in life.

Continuing her father's legacy, she started writing A Titan of a Man on June 10, 2002 and finished it just one month later on July 10. She received many letters (a total of 15) from various publishing companies refusing, albeit politely, to publish her manuscript.

In overcoming the seeming obstacles before her, in the summer of 2003,
she founded her own book publishing company, PRL PUBLISHING. She published A Titan of a Man through PRL PUBLISHING. The book was released in October 2003, along with an accompanying working entitled Mind Over Matter Leadership Workbook.

As a freelance writer, Ms. Lonergan has contributed many articles on business and humanities to several newspapers and magazines. In 2003, she started Commontary On... an online news column about the common things in life.

She went on to publish her second book Babies Dribble and Drool in 2004 and her third book Felines Shed Fur and Purr in 2005.

Later in 2005, she started The S.E.M.O.M. Newsletter. She developed and taught seminars on how to successfully pursue a writing career and publish a book to help others in fulfilling their goal of being an author.

In 2007, she started her own quarterly magazine entitled Positivity IN FOCUS (print edition, now online only) which is described as Petite Packaging with Powerful Inspiration.

In 2008, her company PRL Publishing received official certification as a small disadvantaged business. PRL Publishing is a woman-owned, minority-owned company.

In 2012, encouraged by a friend, Ms. Lonergan revised and edited A Titan of a Man. It was released on E-Book in July 2012 (no longer available)

Always having been a prolific writer, she started writing poetry and short stories in elementary school. Then, at age 17, she wrote and presented a commencement speaker address at her high school graduation. She has given inspirational discourses to people across the country about writing and publishing.

She now makes short educational and informative videos on YouTube in a series called Got A Minute? In the videos, she provied tips and suggestions to care for a persons with Alzheimer's and/or Dementia.

Through her writing and speaking,
she endeavors to inspire others and to teach persons how to improve their lives. Sharing the tools needed to develop self-awareness, an individual sense of worth, and good leadership skills. She is characterized as an engaging, outgoing, and enthusiastic speaker.

Articles and Commentary

A Quarterly Newsletter by Paula Lonergan

Books Published by PRL Publishing
Written by Paula Hines Lonergan

A Titan of a Man

Babies Dribble and Drool

Felines Shed Fur and Purr


Mind Over Matter Leadership Workbook

The ABCs of Writing and Publishing

The A-Zs Steps of Writing and Publishing Your Book

Speeches, Workshops, and Programs

Life experiences tailored to a specific message

The A-Zs of Writing and Publishing Your Book

Making Memorable Presentations Like a Pro

Copyright/Fair Use Law & Getting a Website Seminar

Published Articles

"Remember the Titans" Coach "Doc" Hines Remembers the Titans" in the Pasadena Journal
"How to Cope and Move Forward in Life after the Loss of Your Job" in the Pasadena Journal
Book Review The Kite Runner published in the Pasadena Star News
Writing and Publishing Comments on Writer's
Lauding Volunteerism in the Pasadena Star News

Short Story

Whiskey Bottle Love
The Book Within

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Speech Writing

Do you need a speech for a special occasion, but don't know how to write it or what to say? Paula Hines Lonergan can help. She has over 2
5 years of experience writing and presenting public discourses.

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