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Be Mentorship Troopers
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 2 Issue 1

A movie called Starship Troopers was out a few years ago. I didn't see the movie, let me say that upfront. I came across the information on the net. By the way, what isn't on the net nowadays? Anyways, the movie is about soldiers who fight the a space war to try to save humankind. Sounds like a Star Wars extraction.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Star Wars and other movies of its kind. However, I often think how much saving needs to be done right here on the earth.

For the past year or so, I've had the privilege to mentor a 16-year old girl. It is a great joy. She is a delightful and kind-hearted child, growing up in a single parent household. Her mother requested me to help. I try to help her to uphold good standards and high morals, to have self-esteem, to value spiritually, and make wise decisions.

I've known my dear younger friend since she was about 5 years old. It's amazing to think she is 16 now and getting ready to enter the 10th grade in the fall. When I was talking to her recently, we discussed how quickly her school year went. I asked her what classes she was taking. She told me and mentioned she got only A's and B's.

Within the list of classes she said she took, I noted there was no mention of a typing or computer class. I reminded her how much the computer is used. You even see various markets and stores using computers as their registers. It is far more prevalent today than when I was her age.

One of the things I am very grateful for is the business courses I took in school from the 9 to 12 grade. I sort of fell into taking the classes. I hadn't planned it long in advance to go that route. However, I am so thankful I received typing and accounting skills, and acquired business acumen early in life. And just think the classes back then for me were free.

The way the economy and job market is going, it seems the jobs requiring trades are in demand. How important it is in life to gain a practical skill or two and to know how to work well. You can't get more basic today than typing and computers. Of course, there is also cooking, sewing, car mechanics, carpentry, and others skills. All of which I understand are no longer being taught in schools nowadays.

Also, learning to work hard and to persevere at a task are invaluable skills to develop. For young people today to acquire these abilities and the confidence to use them, it takes education, which is not limited to the classroom setting.

So, be a trooper by exercising good leadership and by giving time and energy to teach and encourage our young people today. Direction and hope in life aren't automatic. Mentorship. I see it as a fighting a war against ignorance, despair, and isolation. And it sure is satisfying to know you contribute positively to the life of another, too.

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July 1, 2003
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