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Strange, Part 2 (On the Flip Side)

The other night on Dateline or 48 hours or 60 minutes, one of those shows, they had a show talking about rudeness. Being rude has become the attitude of the day of late, unfortunately. However, every so often there are redeeming experiences in life that really show the true humanity of people. Let me tell you about one our family had.

On August 4, 2005, my grandparents, Joseph E. Tolver and Margaret A.
Toliver from King George, Virginia, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. We family members treated them to a seafood restaurant in Maryland, where we sang them a song, and I read them a poem I wrote.

After dinner as we were getting ready to leave, a couple we had never met before came over to our table and congratulated my grandparents for their accomplishment as they handed them $100.

Everyone was in awe and greatly appreciative for the two stranger's kindness. What a great top off to a wonderful day in celebration of two very special people.

Isn't that so heartwarming? I thought so. Below is the poem I wrote them for their anniversary.

Strange Family

I have a strange family, yes, indeed, very odd

For we were all raised to have faith in God.

We learned to work hard, laugh loud, and be strong.

We definitely know the right from the wrong.

Our family is alive, with our aches, pains, and hurt.

Yet, off our backs we’ll give up our shirt.

None of us are perfect, but overall we forgive,

As people getting along, we try to live.

It’s out of the norm to have what we got.

With four generations still here, that’s alot.

Many families are broken, angry, torn apart.

Yet our strange family loves from the heart.

To take for granted the unity we share,

Is something none of us should dare.

True, I call it strange, but really it’s good.

To be like our family everyone should.

To whom do we owe our family to?

Two people who did what they had to do.

Made their marriage work with its up and downs.

Tried to raise honest kids, who are relatively sound

Brought the children together with a call on the phone,

Or meals from scratch which makes for a happy reunion home.

For two special people who we honor right now,

To somehow repay you, I don’t know how.

So, just please accept our love, appreciation, and care

And thanks for a strange family so good, so wonderful, and so rare.

Now this is a strange that's really kind of nice,eh?

Copyright 2006 Paula Lonergan.
All rights reserved.