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It's a Strange, Strange World

I received this email from someone (someone I knew) about this website on locating sex offenders in your area. Ok, I looked at it. I put in my address. The site provided a map of where the sex offenders live, a detailed list of information about them, and their picture. I only glanced at few, maybe 10 or so. Fortunately, there were no faces that I recognized.

Speaking of recognizing people, you know when you meet people in one setting and place. You come to be most familiar with them in the particular setting. Then, you are somewhere else, say the grocery store or post office and you see that familiar face but you can remember where you know them from and subsequently can't remember their names either. Oh, too many times has that happened to me.

In certain instances, days or weeks later something jogs my memory and I recall the setting and place and later the name with the face. Ah, memory, they said it's not something you automatically lose as you age, however, sometimes I wonder.

Back to recognizing sex offenders...
I don't have children, even though my parent's neighbor back home asks each time he sees me, when am I going to have a baby. (In my book, Babies Dribble and Drool and Other Expert Observations of a Non-Parent about Kids and Parenting, I talk about my response to that dear neighbor when he asks me that question. My response, well, I just couldn't resist). Anyways, I must admit I'm guilty of asking the same question of other childless, yet wedded couples. One couple quickly shot back at me, 'we'll have one when you do.' I deserved it.

Not having children, the sex offender site probably doesn't have the same level of impact as it would to a parent. Nevertheless, it's pretty shocking.

In the world today how important it is for parents and guardians to teach their children about the "bad" people that lurk in our communities and on our blocks. Reassuring kids so they know they are important, their bodies are private, and no one has the right to encroach upon their person, not a neighbor, not a family member, and of course, never a stranger.

Strangers, how many times have been been told to watch out for them. Viewing that sex offenders site has taken stranger to another level. What a strange, strange world we live in, eh?

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