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Libations, Lootings, and a Song

'Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain' are the words of a song by Frankie Beverly and Maze, in case you haven't heard of the group or song. It seems this week has been filled with both, and very literally I might add.

I went to karaoke last Friday night with some friends. It's a restaurant with a small section devoted to singing and getting down in your seat, so to speak. My friends and I left the restaurant together, however, I drove my own car. As I headed toward my car, there was a car backing out of the space next to where my car was parked.

I scooted by to the driver's side of my car and the man in the car next to mine kindly asked me, "are you going to be okay to drive?" I was a little confused about what he meant at first. Then, it hit me, that he was asking if I had drank too much and questioning if should I get behind the wheel to drive.

At first I was shocked that he would ask that. Then, I was embarrassed that he would think he needed to ask. Then, I got incensed, ever so slightly. Why incensed you might ask? As I told the man in the other car, I had only drank herbal tea all night.

When I do karaoke that's all I will drink because alcohol, although it lower inhibitions, it also dries out your vocal cords or something like that. Something to remember for all aspiring Whitney Houstons, um, I take that back, aspiring Mariah Carey's, not her either. Well, for all who like to sing. There! That's safe enough.

Anyways, after I told the man of my overindulgence only of the leaves of chammomile and peppermint with a side of lemon, he says, "oh you must be happy all the time then." I'm not sure if I felt better or worse after that comment. Sigh! At least it was a natural happiness high in opposed to one chemically induced.

Speaking of liquor, with the recent hurricane Katrina and the devastation and pain she has left in her wake, many people felt the need to engage in looting in order to provide for their necessities. A newscaster mentioned how people went into the Walmart store to get food, water, and other provisions, of which he said he couldn't blame them because of the great lack of the basics in the area. But, then he said how he has also seen alot of liquor (as well as weapons) being confiscated as well. I had to chuckle to myself, not because of the conduct of the people, but because of the way the newscaster said it. Then, the momentarily giggle of joy turned to pain as I reflected on the how negative things can bring out the positive in people, and it can also bring out the negative.

It all makes me want to grab a bottle, of tea, that is.

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