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The Body Doesn't Lie

Last night, my husband had to reprimand me. And, you know, I couldn't balk, all I could do was agree and then sulk.

It has been a little trying for me healthwise in the last few months. In May, I sustained an outgoing health problem for longer than I should have. My body was complaining, but I just kept telling myself, it will pass, I can wait it out. Well, mind you, it did pass. But, not until I went to the Dollar Club store, got sick to the point the store personnel called the ambulance to come and get me and take me to the hospital, and who gave me medicine to subside what was wrong.

All along my husband told me to go to the doctor, call the doctor. Actually, on the day the ambulance came and took me away, I had actually called the doctor that morning. The nurse took a message and said the doctor would call me back. Little did I know what would happen later in the day. However, it would have been my preference to walk in to the doctor's office, not be carried on a stretcher. But, that's what I get for waiting too long perhaps.

Then, this past week, on Tuesday to be exact, I started having pain. Pain ever so slight, which by Thursday was necessitating round-the-clock ibuprofen. Once again, my husband said to call the doctor, go to the doctor. I finally did on Thursday and got an appointment for Friday. This time I walked in with my own two feet.

The doctor finds something totally unexpected. In the end it was a good thing I went when I did for the pain would not have gone away by itself.

On Friday night, my husband reminds me of how many times he told me to "listen to my body," "to call the doctor." In my own mind, I kept thinking, it will pass, I can endure it, as if enduring it would somehow make it go away. Or perhaps I was worried I'd be a pest if I bothered the doctor about it.

All along my body was giving me clues that something was wrong, something had gone haywire, and I was ignoring the clues. I was ignoring my health.

I've learned the hard way when something goes wrong, then something is wrong, and it's important to go and get it checked out. We are so wonderfully made that our bodies know when to act up because it needs help or attention. It's a lesson I'm taking to heart from now on. 'Cause I found out the body don't lie, for real.

Writing and Publishing Tip:

Marketing your book or yourself can be a challenge. There are so many authors, writers and new books on the shelf. How can you get yourself, your work "out there"? Well, start off by doing your research. There are wonderful books out there about marketing, like the books by Dan Poytner, as well as invaluable information online. If you hire someone to handle your marketing, or at least to assist, always remember you are truly the only one that can sell your books. So sustain excitement about your projects and you will find it will be contagious. Take advantage of all the opportunities to share with others and learn from the successes, and failures, of other people as well.

Inspirational thought of the day:

Shake, shake, shake, that's what the earth does when it quakes. It happens so suddenly, so quickly, then it's gone. Fortunately, in its wake it doesn't always leave alot of damage and pain. Those in earthquake places are encouraged to have certain supplies on hand, to be prepared. Never underestimate the importance of earthquake readiness, it was be a life saver if and when the big one or even just a little ones hit. Be ready, be prepared, there's nothing to lose in doing so.

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