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Unexpected Gift for Giving

When I lived in Glendale, California, I used to visit the wife of an elderly friend of mine. He was an elderly motorcycle driving man, vivacious and straightforward. His wife was beautiful, though wrinkled in the face, you could tell in her youth that she was simply stunning. She had white grey hair and was reserved, but kind. I visited the wife in a convalescent home until she died.

I'm not sure where and why I have an affinity for visiting the elderly in homes. Perhaps it stems from that fact that for a time I was raised by my grandmother and grandfather who are almost 50 years older than myself.

Recently, I received the privilege of conducting a weekly Bible study class at one of the local convalescent homes near my home. I received a most pleasant surprise last week. It was officially Volunteer Appreciation Week from April 18-22, 2005. I was not familiar with it. However, the convalescent home activities director asked me to come on Thursday, along with others who volunteered their time, so I did.

The residents, along with the workers, put on the most lovely program for us volunteers. At times, I wanted to shed a small tear of joy, for their expressions of appreciation to us. They read letters, poems, one resident played the piano, another person sang the song "Hero" by Whitney Houston, we all received a certificate and a figurine as a keepsake.

Louis Medley wrote a lovely thank you poem. In part, he wrote, "You have done so much for us, we want to show appreciation for your concern and trust...What we lack in concentration, you have made up with your patience...we've seen your dedication, may it endure throughout the years."

What beautiful words! Makes me realize how important my visits to the convalescent homes actually might be. I figured I'm gained the most by giving of my time, and now I'm sure I am.

Writing and Publishing Tip:

What happens when you get into a writing slump? Well, most recently, I was going through one. I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden I didn't have much to write. Not a letter, not a article. When that happens, don't give up on your goals. Whatever it takes, the writing desire may return. Until then, read magazines and books, feed your mind with information, engage in interesting and thought provoking conversations, that way when the slump slides away, you will have lots to write and say.

Inspirational thought of the day:

We are all as sick as the secrets we keep. That statement struck me and I thought how very true it is. Many are taught not to cry, not to speak, hide and deny, the results are a person can become detached from reality and from themselves and others. We are really all in the same boat, and in when we hide, we may be harming ourselves. Learn to trust and talk out your hidden pains, you may find relief letting harmful secrets free.

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