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Playing 'til you Drop, or NOT!
Vol 12 Issue 1

I met this lady who plays football. Not flag football, but the real kind. The wear shoulders pads and crush-your- opponent football. She plays for the Orlando Starz. I met her at a conference in Orlando in April. She is really in shape. She is Afro-American, with an afro and a body to die for, muscular and shapely. I bet even if I did go to the gym, which I don't, sadly, I wouldn't get a body like hers. Although, I'd probably subtract a few muscle though if I had the option. I wouldn't mind the definition, however. But I'm nowhere near to heading there.

Anyways, I'm getting off track. The most amazing thing is her age. She's 70. Yes, I said 70 and it's not a misprint. At least not this time.

Oh, how I wish to be in half as good a shape as she is when I turn 70, or even at 40, which is only 3 years away. You truly have to hand it to people who are young well beyond what their years would normally dictate. When I met her, all I could say was "Gon' stuff. Ma'am."

One can only encourage her to play the game 'til you drop. I'm sure I'll be falling long before she does.

Paula Lonergan
Copyright 2004