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To Insanity and Beyond......"
Vol 9 Issue 2

If you had say, $12 Billion dollars at your disposal, what would you spend it on? Okay, I mean after you buy everything that you, your family, including those long lost cousins that still owe you $20.00, your friends, the ones you like and the ones you don’t, your enemies and all of the perfect strangers you come in contact with for one week, in fact, let’s make that for one month instead, everything that you and they have ever wanted, you’re still left with only what, $11 Billion dollars!! I mean really, having $12 Billion dollars, now that truly is too much of a good thing. Do you realize that that is a 12 with nine zeros after it? That doesn’t even include the two zeroes after the decimal point, with all that money, who needs change.

But I ask you, what would you do? Would you perhaps rebuild or update your school? No, not just your High School, I’m talking about Jr. High, Elementary and even Pre-School, did you hear that “Little Busy Bee Day Care?” No more tomato soup for lunch and Graham crackers for snacks, we’re talking Lobster Bisque and Krispy Kremes. How about giving your teachers a pay increase? No, not just your teachers, but you could give all teachers a raise. If I had $12 Billion, there wouldn’t be a pothole in sight. Police, Fire and Rescue workers would get paid what they’re worth. Playgrounds and Recreation Centers would be as plentiful as Liquor stores and Carry-Outs. With all that money, you could build more hospitals, or in the case of some District residents, you could open the ones that have been closed. Why have they been closed? Guess what. No Money!

One thing I wouldn’t do if I had $12 Billion dollars is go to the Moon or to Mars. Now that makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean there’s a saying for ideas like this, “been there, done that.” We know what it’s like out there, we’ve still got the moon rocks to prove it. We’ve driven on its’ rough terrain, heck, we’ve even played golf on it. I don’t know, but to me, and I ‘aint no rocket scientist; but $12 Billion could do a lot more good on Earth than on any of the other 8 planets or moons out there. But the one who’s in charge of “da money,” and believe me, he ‘aint no rocket scientist either, has other plans. He’s got it all figured out. In fact, he’s taking ideas for a new slogan, here’s mine; “To Insanity And Beyond………..”

com>mon>tary by michaellorenzo
Copyright 2004
January 15, 2004
All rights reserved.