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The Surprise Booby Trap
Vol 9 Issue 1

Did you watch the Superbowl yesterday? Well, I know I did, with a group of friends. Some of the Superbowl party attendees loved football, some of them liked football, and others had no idea how the game of football works, but we had fun as we crowded around the TV in my friend's living room.

Everyone was looking forward to the halftime show. Musically before the game, everything started off pretty good. Josh did nicely in his tribute. Beyonce hit the high notes of the Star Spangled Banner quite well. She even had on a decent and nicely tailored off-white suit. The outfit didn't expose behind or cleavage. What a pleasant surprise.

However, speaking of cleavage, even though Beyonce didn't show any, another female singer surely did. You know who I mean, Michael's twin sister, Janet Jackson. Okay, they are not really twins, but they sure look alike now, thanks to a little nip and tuck.

Back to the cleavage though. At the Superbowl party, we all kind of rocked in our seats to Janet's first song, bobbed our heads to P-Diddy, got warm with Nellie, and finally, watched as Kid Rock screamed while wearing the American Flag.

When Kid Rock was almost finished, my friend leans over to me and asks if Janet was coming to sing again. I said I hoped so and to our delight, yes, she was.

Janet had done a quick, but very slight outfit change and came out, as bad as she wants to be. She sang and then out came the surprise guest, Justin Timberlake.

Heads in the living room continued to rock as Justin sang his song as he and Janet dance somewhat provocatively back and forth across the stage. Then, as the song came to an end and Justin sang his last note, and they stood poised in place. Then, surprise!

Justin reached over across Janet's bosom. He removed, tore off, whatever you want to call it, he took off the material that was covering her right breast. The room just kind of went silent as we watched in totally shock. Everyone got quiet after it happened. We were trying to figure out what we just witnessed during the halftime show of Superbowl. You see, this was not the Lingerie Bowl, which was being played on pay-per-view. This was the rough and tumble, final football game of the NFL season.

I watched the news on the morning after and the newscasters were talking about Janet's breast incident. Everyone, from the NFL commissioner to CBS to MTV, was apologizing for the occurrence and denying any prior knowledge.

The word going around was that it wasn't planned. I sure thought it was planned. Only time will tell if the spectacle was planned. Or maybe not. However, I also doubted that what I saw was really her bare exposed breast. Or maybe it was. Watching the replay on the news the next day is a little different from watching it live as we did at my friends home.

It's funny and sad to think about it now. When I was in grade school, the little boys would try to pull up the skirts of the girls during recess or try to peek down their blouses to see their mosquito bites. I think about how demeaning back then it was to put up with such child-like behavior.

The teacher made the "bad" little boys sit on the stoop during recess or go on the classroom for punishment. I wonder what will happen to Justin for his indiscretion. Or if it is found out this whole breast adventure was really planned, what will happen to Janet for the surprise booby trap to which she led us.

Only time will tell. However, this I do know, at this Superbowl party we all got more than we bargained for.

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