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What about the Day After the Morning After?
Vol 7 Issue 5

When you have a headache, you go to the store and buy some aspirin, maybe Tylenol, Bayer, or Advil. If you feel a cold coming on, you pick up some Thera-Flu, Robitussin or my personal favorite, Alka-Seltzer Plus for colds. Now, when you have the feeling of wanting to have unprotected sexual relations, pretty soon, all you’ll have to do is walk down that same aisle and somewhere between the Ricola cough drops and the Vicks Vapor Rub, you’ll see it, the “Morning After Pill.”

It has already passed the FDA’s Approval Advisory Board, by an overwhelming margin of 27 to 4, meaning that it won’t be long before it’s on the shelves. I guess they’re deciding on what color to make the pill, (maybe half pink and half blue) or how they can market it commercially, as if there isn’t enough advertisement of sex on TV and radio now. Proponents of the pill told the FDA that if used widely, emergency contraception could cut in half the nation’s three million unintended pregnancies each year, and in turn prevent hundreds of thousands of abortions. It sounds to me like they, might have a vested interest in the sale of this new pill, then again, would you have expected them to say otherwise?

What I keep going back to in my mind is that four people on the board did not want to approve it for public use. Maybe, just maybe they know something that we don’t know. Just because you are in the majority on an issue, that doesn’t make you right. I guess next, we can expect a pill that takes away the emotional scars that almost always follow, especially when he or she doesn’t call you back. Then there’s got to be a pill you can take, that after you have unprotected sex with someone, it prevents you from contracting one of the many incurable sexually transmitted diseases, i.e. syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes or maybe you’ve heard of HIV or AIDS. Go ahead, have unprotected sex and take the pill and it’s all good. Who do they think we are? Trained monkeys and white mice! We’re smarter than that, aren’t we?

It’s a shame how such a beautiful expression of love, originally meant for two married persons, has been degraded into a selfish display of personal gratification, where the only goal is to conquer as many as you can, despite the consequences. The results of such expressions of love are now washed away with one swallow of a glass of water, and a half pink and half blue pill, only if taken the morning after. I just wonder what are you supposed to do when you don’t feel so good, the day after the morning after.

commentary by michaellorenzo
December 17, 2003