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Wake Me Up When This Nightmare is Over
Vol 7 Issue 4

I don’t know if you could hear on television what I heard at the Dallas / Redskins game on Sunday, but if you were there it was loud and clear. No, I’m not talking about the opening cheers for the home team as they were introduced before coming out of the tunnel over the P.A. system, nor was it the resounding chorus of boos, as the Cowboys galloped onto the field.

Midway through the 3rd quarter, there was a sound loud enough that echoed throughout FedEx Field, that would never have been heard at RFK Stadium. A simple 3 word chant that makes any fan of the ‘Burgundy and Golds’ blood boil. “Let’s Go Cow-Boys!” Can you believe that? As I looked around the half-empty stadium, it was mostly filled with Cowboys blue. There were hats, jackets, and jerseys, all of the familiar numbers 22, 88, 8. There was Roy Williams #31 and even one Quincy Carter jersey, must’ve been a relative.

I don’t know how much lower this team can go than this. I mean I hate to use the word quit, but it sure looked as though some of them have thrown in the towel, possibly thinking about where to vacation this off season. If the “Dan” bleeds burgundy and gold like he says he does, he is definitely in need of a transfusion. It’s a living nightmare, all of the money that has been spent, without getting anything in return.

But do you know who’s really paying for this mess? It us, the fans. We have absolutely no say, about the team, the players, the coaches, the $7.00 beer and the $8.00 nachos. Yep, it’s us the loyal, sometimes to a fault, fans who pay for it in the long run, with nothing, not even a smell of the playoffs in the last 13 years.

But for some reason or another, I have a feeling that as soon as this season is over, we’ll start talking about what changes need to happen, who should get the ax and who should be kept. That’s when that blind loyalty creeps back in and we all can’t wait until mini-camp arrives, as seasons of grandeur and Super Bowl trophies fill our minds.

I guess I’ll be there too, the “Dan” and my wallet are attached at the hip at least until
2006. But if I’m snoring too loud, up in Loge 320, please don’t wake me up until the nightmare is over.

Commentary by michaellorenzo
Copyright 2003
All rights reserved.