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Breathing, Shopping, and Riding -- One Day Soon!
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 5 Issue 3

For as long as I can remember, I've always heard people who live elsewhere talk about California. Sometimes they would reflect on how beautiful it is and how sunny it is. Upon finding out I lived in California, they would ask did I live near Hollywood, and inevitably, have I seen any movie stars?

I think another thing California is known for are earthquakes. Yes, many have said California is going to have the big one and break off into the ocean.

Oh yeah, that reminds me another question I get often is 'have I been in an earthquake?' I tell them an earthquake happened less than one month after I arrived to Los Angeles.

I was living with my aunt and sleeping on my futon on the floor. Suddenly, the floor starts to shake. Of course, it shook me awake. I think it was over before I fully woke up and realized what happen. My aunt said just stay in bed. So I did and fell back to sleep. That was the end of it. I think there were aftershocks during the day, but nothing like what I would experience several years later.

Later means when the Northridge earthquake occurred. Now, that was a little scarier. Well, at least the aftershocks were. I was on the bus when the initial shaking took place. So I didn't know we had an earthquake until later. The shaking could have very well just been the bus as far was I was concerned.

However, as I look at current events in California, I think an earthquake is not the scariest thing nowadays. I just look at everything that is happening lately in our beautiful California. We have the strikes taking place against the grocery stores (all the food going to waste), the metro buses and trains on strike (and I haven't even ridden the newly opened Gold Line yet), and then as of late, the fires (someone tried to set one in my city yesterday.)

I keep wondering what's next. Poor Southern California, we are having our fair share of things to go wrong. Hey, but you can't beat the sunny weather under normal conditions. Right now, the air thicker, smoky, and brown. Really everything will be okay in Cali. One day soon I know we will be able to freely shop, ride, and breath. I know it if we don't fall into the ocean first.

Copyright 2003 Paula Lonergan
All rights reserved.