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What's Wrong with Mommy?
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 4 Issue 4

What do you call your mother? What do you call my mother? Whatever you do, you better not call her out her name. Mrs. Hines will suffice, thank you.

I call my mother Mommy most times. Sometimes, Mom, sometimes, Ma.

I was with friends recently and they heard me talk about my mother using Mommy. They said to me, how they would never call their mothers mommy. It was always mama or ma'am or some other word they used, which I can't remember right now.

One of them was from Oklahoma. The others mother was from Alabama. It is a southern thing. But is also probably an age thing too. I have been on my own for 18 years now. However, I am 10-15 years younger than my two friends, maybe that must make a difference.

However, I grew up next to a family, a dear and loving family. The husband and wife had five kids, four boys and one girl. All of my neighbors children were older than I. The youngest is at least 2-3 years older and the oldest is 11 years older than myself.

I loved and admired that family growing up. They were close-knit and friendly. The older kids even baby sat for my brother and I when we were young.

They called their parents Mommy and Daddy. They still do.

So in my mind it was only normal to refer to my parents as Mommy and Daddy. Oh sure, maybe I went through a mama stage or even a ma period. But there's no shame in my game. It was how I was raised, what I was surrounded by. So why should my parents stop being my Mommy and Daddy.

I realize it may give me away though. Okay, okay, I wasn't born and raised in the south. I am a full fledged attendee of elementary school in the 70s kid. But, I had nothing to do with how, under what circumstances, and when I arrived on this world's scene.

Just know I'm grateful to be alive and am doing my best to enjoy ever minute. Speaking of minutes, I haven't used up my cell phone minutes for today. I think I'm going to call Mommy.

Copyright 2003 Paula Lonergan
All rights reserved.