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Bringing my Blood On Board
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 4 Issue 2

Well, I've been a little bit slack on writing articles lately for Commontary On.... You know, how life can get busy. I write Commontary On... because it is a way to practice my writing as well as to express myself.

I have brought on board to the Commontary On... staff as a contributing writing, My Blood. You may be saying, 'what is she talking about?' I'm bringing on my blood, my home piece, my boy, in other words, my brother. No, not my brotha, but my fleshly brother. The only one I have.

Both of us enjoy writing and have done so separately. Now, we are writing together. Not that we are collaborating articles together, but we will both be writing articles for Commontary On....

So from now on, some articles may be written by me and some may be written by my brother. He says he wants to focus on writing articles dealing with sports. That is all good with me. I'll continue to write about whatever interests me at the moment or whatever I feel like talking about at the time.

Speaking of interests, I want to a free jazz concert recently at that Levitt Pavillion. Want to guess who performed? Paulette Washington, yes, Denzel Washington's wife. It was actually pretty good. The night was cool and crisp. My husband had gotten a jamba juice for me, which was quite good until the cold drink made me choke.

Mrs. Washington is a trained pianist and used to perform in the theatre. During her performance, she said that she is coming out of retirement. I said to myself good for her. Her children, at least three of them were at the concert, are getting bigger and I'm sure won't mind missing their mother sometimes. But I hope she doesn't leave them too much. They were very well-behaved kids.

However, too many times when kids have too much time on their hands, it leaves time and space for them to get into mischief. Reminds me of the recent school shooting at Taft School, which took place as the kids were leaving school early at 12 noon. Too much time, not enough supervision, and probably alot of other factors contribute to it, that I don't know about. But the importance of time spent with children cannot be underestimated.

My mom was at home when my brother and I come home from school. She stopped working after my brother, three years younger than myself, was born. She only worked off and on until I was in high school. What a blessing to have had her there, at home. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but I do now. So I hope Mrs. Washington doesn't come fully out of retirement to the degree her kids start to miss her a whole lot. Can't take Blood for granted.

Welcome abroad my brother!! Can't wait to read your first article.

Copyright 2003 Paula Lonergan
All rights reserved.