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Where's my Pockiebook?
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 3 Issue 1

Well, it's good to be back. It's great to be on vacation for a while and then it's nice to come back home. After about 10 days into my trip I was getting a little travel weary. Not that I didn't enjoy myself immensely on the entire trip. After many late nights toasting the town, alot of extra walking, and the meals in different places and different times, it starts to take a toll.

I had the privilege of traveling to two wonderfully historic cities. All of my senses were totally tantalized. There were so many exciting things to see, hear, taste, and smell. However, sometimes the smells weren't very appealing. Let's see, how can I put this? Well, as we were walking down the street we passed by a man, um, urinating against the wall. Need I say anymore? I didn't think so.

Another funny thing about traveling, especially in big cities, is the issue of safety. You have to be on guard about your person and your personal belongings constantly.

I carried my passport, a small wallet, and other important little things in my fannie pack. I kept it, not at my fannie, but in front of me. I also carried a larger knacksack like bag. I figured if a robber took the larger knacksack, I would still have my important possessions in my care.

I thought that was a good idea, until my mother mentioned how someone could cut my fannie pack and be gone with it in no time. After that I started wearing baggy shirts or a lightweight jacket, which could cover my pack. It made me look like I was several months pregnant. That might have been in my favor as well though come to think of it. Who would steal from a pregnant woman? Don't answer that.

Being on guard about the location of my bags during the whole trip, it was hard to remember not to worry about them when amongst friends. I went to visit some friends and laid my purse in one of the chairs. I walked away and during the conversation kept looking back to make sure my purse was still there. I had to deliberately remind myself, it was okay. My pockiebook would be fine.

Speaking of pockiebook, I know you are thinking I spelled it wrong. Well, I haven't. I am writing it like it sounds when so many others and I say it. I know the correct name and spelling is pocketbook. Perhaps, it's just an east coast thing, but pockiebook is how it comes out many times

Well, my fannie pack, its contents, and I arrived home safely. I'm grateful for all the robbers that overlooked me on this trip. I'm appreciative my plane wasn't overcome by terrorists. I'm glad to have the energy, ability, and time to travel and have my senses tantalized. I hope me and my pockiebook get to do it again sometime.

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August 6, 2003
Copyright 2003 Paula Lonergan.
All rights reserved.