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Welcome...It's About Time
by Paula Lonergan
Vol 1 Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of What is ? Well, it is simply commentary on life and other interesting things, as humans I feel we all have in common. The many things in life occurring from day to day.

It is my hope to bring to light my observations and thoughts about the things surrounding me in my world. Perhaps, that sounds a little selfish, but hey, it's my web space. However, I do realize in your reading this, it is your time being taken and time is valuable. In fact, time is one of the reasons I chose to start this series.

I have reached a changing point in life. It came after completing several forms and filling in the box labeled age. You see, I no longer fill in the box labeled under 18 years or 19-25 years. I'm also past 26-34 years. I'm in the section for 35 years and above. Okay, now, if you are older than me by a considerable amount, you probably are calling me a silly "girl." However, there was a time when I was 18 and looked at 30-somethings as being old. Or, if you happen to be nowhere close to checking the 35 and older box, keep living you'll come to see what I mean. It's all in perspective and perception.

My point is, time stands still for no one. And sometimes, it's not even there for you at all. Case and point, is my cousin. She is a few years younger than me, married with two kids. She was having a hard time breathing one day. She went to the hospital and they found a pulmonary emboli or blood clot on her lungs. Earlier this year, the TV journalist, David Bloom, died from a blood clot. He was far too young to leave this world and a wife and kids behind. It could have been my cousin. Fortunately, it wasn't. But when something happens seemingly overnight to change your life, it can make you think about life differently.

What does that have to do with time? Well, you can't take it for granted. You can be here today, and to finish the cliché, you can be gone tomorrow. So, you may still ask, what does that have to do with ?

is my idea to create an online column talking about life in general. You see, I learned web designing while working at an internet company several years ago. I fell in love with it, designing, I mean. I have always been a prolific writer, especially when it comes to writing letters to others. With the combination of webbing and writing, I decided to put the two together. So, is like my letter to the world, and yeah, that includes you. I figured, if I have the idea and the ability, why wait to start? Tomorrow I may not have the time. Circumstances can change so quickly. One change can potentially mean the fate meted out to David Bloom.

So, make the best of each moment and follow through on your goals. I know I am.

I hope you enjoy I will try to keep the articles short, to the point, and hopefully, delightful and insightful. Until next time....

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June 19, 2003
Copyright 2003 Paula Lonergan.
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